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Intelligent Firewalls

Best Technologies

Top quality infrastructure for your website

Simplified Hosting

Easily set up your website with one click

Top Security

SSL for each domain and optimized firewall filters

24 Hour Service

The Web without the headaches

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Enterprise Security

Peace of mind

Enterprise Security

Tired of getting hacked every other day? Our enterprise-level security is up to industry standards and will make sure your website has all the protection it needs to stay up and running.

  • Free SSL Certificates

    No more hassle or hidden costs hooking in domains and SSL

  • Firewall Filters

    Our unique firewall rules will keep the bad guys out without getting in your way


The Best Web Technologies

We not only give you One Click access to WordPress, Drupal and Magento, among others, but we've also made it super-easy to install a wide variety of PHP frameworks from CakePHP to Laravel, Symfony or Laminas.

Come check out the business solution that works!

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Web Technologies
IONOS Network


IONOS Network Member

The LfPHP Cloud is powered by one of the best computer infrastructures out there.

  • Important Market Share

    1&1 is among the top-ranked Cloud hosting companies in the World

  • Real-Time Cloud Monitoring

    We make sure everything is running smoothly 24/7

Modern DevOps

Continuous Delivery

Deploy your applications automatically from GitHub, GitLab, or Bitbucket, using webhooks!

Easy integration with any CI/CD pipeline.

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Are you tired of having your applications crash because of something weird the hosting provider is doing? Are you tired of long wait times every time you need a new feature? Come check out the business solution that works.

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  • Mandala
  • PHP Continuous Learning


What Do Our Clients Think About Our Cloud?


I am using LfPHP Cloud and love it!

Bud M. on Facebook
Happy client

My website was hosted on a large hosting provider. I was getting extremely frustrated at the slow response from their technical support. I had to wait a long time in a call queue, and when I was finally put through to tech support, they ran through a checklist of obvious things to do: things I'd already done a long time ago! The thing I like about LfPHP Cloud Services is not only are they super-responsive, but they're also a small business owner, just like me, and completely understand my needs.

Thomas M.
Happy client

I'm a PHP developer with a small base of steady clients. I was frustrated by the lack of control when deploying applications to my customers' hosting providers. With LfPHP Cloud Services the frustration vanished as I now have complete control over not only the environment, but also the deployment and upgrade process.

Douglas A.
Happy client

I was completely caught off-guard by how many extras I got after purchasing a plan from LfPHP Cloud Services. Not only did they automatically install an SSL certificate for my domain, but I also have a web browser, phpMyAdmin to access my database, access to all the log files, my choice of PHP version, PostgreSQL, Redis, MongoDB, One-Click apps with a choice of the most popular PHP CMS, but also the Webalizer which gives me a detailed breakdown on page hits. All included in the cost of my monthly plan: no hidden surprise costs.

Mike J.
Happy client

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